As you can read in the "About Me" page, I've studied many modalities of healing work.  Over the years I've been in practice, I have integrated them into a cohesive, mutually-enhancing set of tools that facilitate my clients' well-being. 

The primary components of my approach are:

Acupuncture:  A well-established medical technique accepted by the World Health Organization to treat over 300 conditions, Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles into specific spots (acupoints) on the body in order to facilitate healing.

Jin Shin Do® BodyMind AcupressureTM:  This is a needle-free method of activating acupoints using finger pressure.  Jin Shin Do is Japanese for "The Way of the Compassionate Spirit".  This beautiful, holistic system is a modern creation and it is one of the most effective styles of medicine I have ever experienced.

Tui Na Massage: Tui Na is the massage aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It tends to be deep and quite specific in its approach, and complements acupoint activation by assisting your tissues to release tension and by promoting the ciculation of blood.  My massage teacher was also my kungfu teacher, and he knew the human body very well.  I am fortunate to have learned good massage techniques in addition to point and channel techniques.

Counselling:  In my experience (both personal and professional), talking about and shifting our relationship with our health can be as important as receiving physical treatment.  Chinese Medicine offers a unique perspective on wellness.  For my clients, approaching their problems through its framework has helped them to discover the root causes of their illness, let go of patterns that were causing them suffering, and find inspiration to improve their lives.  

The treatments you receive in my clinic are often a little different from each other, depending on what approach and techniques are best suited to the current situation.  Chinese Medicine is a fluid, adaptable system designed to address a wide range of health and wellness concerns at different stages of severity, recovery, and change.